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Zhanna Friske is a famous singer among Russian stage stars, socialite, participant of the reality show “Last Hero” and charming witch in the films “Night Watch” and “Day watch”. Zhanna is always at the centre of attention of her admirers and she got the title “The Russia’s most stylish” more than once. She goes straight on with confidence and participates in the most unexpected and daring projects, which surprise her viewers and listeners again and again.

Singer, actress:
Date of birth: 08.07.1974
Place of birth: Moscow, USSR (Russia)
Country: Russia
Zodiacal sign: Cancer
From 1996 till 2003 - member of “Blestyashchie” girls band
From 2004 - started her solo career.
On October 4, 2005 she released her d?but album “Zhanna” with the help of Andrey Groznov, her producer and music inspirer.

Vamp woman
The image created by the singer is the image of strong, clever and desired Catwoman, who is aware of her worth and achieves everything by herself. She made a pass in her career but she followed her own personality. Her element is constant changes, but she continues to remain irresistible. She experimented with her creativity and tried hand in the films and she succeeded. Friske started her actress career with the bright character part of witch Alice in the sensational blockbuster “Night Watch” (2004) by Timur Bekmambetov shot under the fantastic novel by Sergey Lukyanenko. Then the sequel came – “Day Watch”, for which Jeanne took the prize in the nomination “Best actress” at the Ceremony “Russia MTV Movie Awards” in 2006. ? After that Friske became the most popular star of show business, queen of the parties and fashion shows, welcome guest of entertainment projects. Zhanna took part in the realty shows “Last Hero-4” and “Last Hero-5”. In both shows she reached the last round in spite of lots of difficulties and even traumas. Besides the winning prize she took original ideas and new look to the world from the island: according to her words “the body was cleared of chemical waste and the mind was cleared of rubbish”. And beyond question it gave the singer new strength for creativity. ?In March 2010 the film “What Men Talk About" was released and Zhanne played herself there. This is a shooting of a sensational performance by Quartet “I” – “Talks of middle-aged men”. One more new role in the film will surprise her admirers and audience. The shooting of this film will start in October 2009.

Fashion statement
With the lapse of time the performances of Zhanna Friske are becoming more professional and she herself is becoming sexier and more mysterious. Zhanna herself is very self-critical and tries to maintain her high standards. And this is noticeable not only in Russia: according to the list of foreign experts the singer gives way only to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin by the popularity degree of Russians.

Behind the curtain
The private life of a famous singer is the result of her fastidiousness. Zhanna’s main demand claimed to herself is to be frank with herself. Thus finding a stimulus for creativity in everything she makes her admirers happy with her lyrical and sometimes mischievous songs.

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